The conference is held at the premises of the Saint-Petersburg State Electrotechnical University “LETI” n.a. V.I. Ulyanov (Lenin) in fulfillment of St. Petersburg governor’s decree, and with the support of the Committee on Science and Higher Education (affiliated to the St. Petersburg government).

Conference topics:

  • Current state of the waste management system.
  • Issues of organizing the separate collection and hi-tassets/files/inform_pismo_waste2018eng.pdfech processing of solid municipal and industrial waste.
  • Areal waste management systems (local operators’ practices).
  • Successful domestic and foreign practices of waste management.
  • State-of-the-art technologies for waste processing, recycling and disposal (available, import-substituting, and cutting-edge).
  • Innovations in the national waste management policy.
  • Imperfections of environmental legislation.
  • Ecotechnological parks as an element of the innovation-driven development of the waste management system.
  • Issues of environmental safety in the field of waste management.
  • Current best practices and future potential of government interaction with the business community and environmental social movements for solving problems of waste management.
  • Global environmental problems, new and alternative concepts.
  • Employee training issues in the field of waste management.

There are no restrictions on waste types

Dear friends!
I must admit that it feels nice that the elite of the global industry of waste recycling and disposal, field-specific science, environmental movements, and the government, will meet for the first time together on the site of the First Electrotechnical University.
But it is in the spirit of LETI to be the first!

Sheludko Viktor Nikolayevich, Rector of SPbGETU «LETI», Chairman of the Conference Organizing Committee



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